About Me

I'm a thirty-something mom of 4 adorable boys ages 8,9,11 and 13. I refer to them as my "L's" since their names all begin with the letter "L." I know, what were we thinking?
We are a homeschooling family and treat the boys' education as an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life.
I love Jesus, food, entertaining, all kinds of music, and creating anything with my hands.
I was born in The Netherlands and moved to the US at the mere age of 5 (almost 6), was thrown into Kindergarten not speaking a word of English and in 3 months I was fluent!
I grew up in NJ, met my husband at age 12, and married at 21. I then worked as a Nurse, had two kids, moved to CT, had two more kids, and now we live in the beautiful countryside in PA.
I'm passionate about food and decided to share it with the locals by offering private catering with an emphasis on local, organic and wholegrain ingredients.  It has become a family business where-in I can teach my boys a practical hands-on approach to running a business.
I'm now taking my quest a step further and blogging about the food that I love to share, hoping that it will spur you on to healthier nutrition and better eating habits!