Friday, June 17, 2011

Living on the Wild Side...Black Raspberry Picking

I was wandering up my driveway on Wednesday and was shocked to see that my black raspberry bush already had ripened berries on it.  It was evening and about the worst possible time of day to be picking berries unless you had a big smoky bonfire nearby to ward off mosquitoes.  So, I put the picking off till today.

We dug out the rope from the garage and tied it to a tree across the driveway and down the steep slope upon which my berry bushes insist on growing.  It's not just berry picking you see, it's mountain climbing berry picking.

It's an adventure.

It's a workout.

Look at all those luscious berries.

This is just the beginning of berry season.

The red wine berries will ripen after these are almost done and I'll have about 6 weeks total of berry picking to do.

  I have weeks ahead of me of scratched up arms, mosquito bites, burrs, and stained fingers to look forward to.

But it's so worth it.

We already have plans for pies, muffins, and cakes.

These bad boys? They are going to become Nectarine Black Raspberry Muffins.

So Berry Good to be Back,
The Lunch Lady

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Nicolette said...

looks good. we used to always go berry pickin' in the summer as kids. i have a little bush in my yard that i discovered one day.