Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July Decorating ~ Shop your house!

I love hosting parties.

This will be the first 4th of July in our new house.

Our new "old" house.  It was builit in the 1930s.

I've been "shopping" my house for red/white/blue items and have come up with lots of stuff.

It helps that I've been married for almost 19 years.

It also helps that I've had blue & white Living Room and Dining Rooms in the past.

I'll be putting out several folding tables and covering them with layered table cloths, burlap runners, candles, and flowers.

I'll be cutting red and blue flowers from my property and putting them in the blue antique canning jars pictured above.

Easy, fun, and a bit rustic.

Happy 4th!

The Lunch Lady

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