Sunday, January 29, 2012

No-Sew Scarf

Here's another one of those Pinterest inspirations. (SO SORRY for the bad pics. It's dark, flash, and using my IPhone.)

You take an old T shirt. Cut it up, wrap it around your fingers into loops, tie them together, and you have a really cute scarf!

Here are the directions: Click Here.

I gave this one to my mom-in-law.  It's from an old long sleeve light heather blue tee.  It's super soft and she loved it.

I love the stripes on this one.

I made a bracelet from the sleeves. (The top one in the picture.)

So far, I've made six (6!) scarves (in 2 days)!

My uh...9 year old (boy) really really really wanted one, so I made him a red and blue one from 2 different Old Navy Flag tees from years ago.  I alternated red and blue and made it with about 8 strips instead of 16 or so.  He loves it. It's kinda more manly, I guess.

I think it might have to do with his European blood.

Or something.

The Lunch Lady

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