Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beautiful Faces...

I just love my extended family.  I truly cherish time spent with them.

Sometimes we just want to put a bag over our head.  But why hide our beautiful faces?
(I think he was a little overwhelmed with the "girl" attention this particular day.)

This is Ethan, my nephew's cousin. We are all one big happy family.


Mi casa es su casa. Mi familia es su familia. Or something like that.

Happy faces anticipating an Easter Egg Hunt.

And then there's this little man.

It's his 2nd birthday today.

He's my youngest nephew on my husband's side.

I love him.

No, L2's name IS NOT Bob.  We just like to call him that. Sometimes it really really fits. Somehow.

Cousin Stefan.

Checking out his eggs.

See why I love him?

He's 2 going on 22.

He likes to Skype.

Here's Micah. He turned 8 on Easter.

There were candles and brownies.

L4 with his egg delights.

See what I mean?

He's so so so precious.

Those cheeks.


Jonah just L.O.V.E.S. his Uncle.

And his uncle just adores Jonah.

They Skype each other.

Sorry Doug, couldn't resist.

Hey, I didn't put the hat on, you did.

These are some of the beautiful ladies in my life.

The Good Lord knows I sure have enough little and big men in my life.

But ladies, not enough.

That's Oma and sis-in-law Linda.  Mama to Jonah, Micah, and Stefan.

There he is again.


I love this picture.

Oh man. I really love this picture!

Jo-Jo, Skype your Auntie sometime okay?
Happy Birthday little man.

Missing my family,
The Lunch Lady

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