Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kitchen Makeover: Part 3 Painting the Cabinets

We decided to repaint the kitchen cabinets. 

Taking off the doors was fun. All the boys got a screwdriver and a job to do. We got the doors off in record time.  It's a great way to teach them how to use tools and be careful with the "real stuff." 

I always thought I had white cabinets in my kitchen but I realized after I picked out Ultra White as the new paint color that they must have been more of an almond color. They were chipped, beat up, and dirty.  Now, I do realize some people pay money to have their cabinets distressed, but mine were past distressed. More like abused.

I'm happy with the bright white. We chose a Kitchen Soft Gloss paint so it's washable and durable.  The kitchen feels so much brighter and I haven't even put the doors back on yet.

We set up shop in the garage.

The older boys helped with a lot of the base coat painting and the work went twice as fast.

A sea of cabinets...

This is definitely a three to four day project when you have 25 cabinet doors to paint. I'm painting both sides at least twice to get a nice double coat.

Even though it's a lot of physical work, I have enjoyed working together with my family on these projects. It's so nice to be side by side with your kids and your husband.

Working brings families together.
The Lunch Lady

Painting the tile backsplash...coming up next!

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