Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Off-roading, Boy Style

Our long curvaceous driveway is good for two things; Sledding and off-roading.

The winter has really taken it's toll on it just like all the streets around here.  Salt, shoveling, and plowing has given it an "off-road" feel lately.

It's also another one of those house projects that we are working on.

My men are getting huge muscles filling holes and repairing and sealing.

Our final 2 weeks of school are all about home repair and fixing stuff. That's the useful stuff in life in my book.

L3 and L4 decided to take their truck up the driveway for a ride.  It's one of those battery operated ones that we've had for 8+ years and we no longer bother with charging the battery. I'm not sure if it would even hold a charge any more.  But the wheels still work and the boys sort of still fit inside.




Be still my pitter pattering mother heart.

At least they're wearing bike helmets and pants.

No helmets = no ride.

He's waving ya just can't tell cause they're going so durn fast.

It's time to wash the truck boys.

Your Mama Said So.

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