Thursday, May 19, 2011

The big "Re-do"

It's not really that big but it feels like it when you are doing all the work yourself.

So far, we've ripped out the counters.  (That's a collective "we" - uh, I didn't do it! My strong husband did.)

We've ripped off the wallpaper.

That beautiful 80s style.

 Both layers.

20 year old double layered vinyl and paper wallpaper. 

It took me and the boys all day to get it off.  I was determined, even if I did have to get up on a big ladder to scrape it all off.

Our house is officially free of wallpaper. Of this I am profoundly thankful and a lotta bit sore.

It's SO much brighter in the kitchen!

The new counter tops are in.

My oldest helped haul them up and down till the size was right.  It's a good workout.

Today I'm painting the kitchen walls.  Two tones.  Milk Toast and Tender Twig.

I'm getting it all done today.  I need goals.  I love to make lists so I can check them off.  I guess I need that sense of accomplishment.

One step at a time as I climb the big ladder to paint...
The Lunch Lady

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