Thursday, June 13, 2013

Organic Strawberry Cream Cheese Spread - Homemade

You know how many times I've paused in the refrigerated section of my local food store to look at strawberry cream cheese? WAY too many times and I never NEVER buy it because it's loaded with food coloring and preservatives.

Ugh. NOT my thing (if you know me even a little bit by now.)

My youngest son LOVES flavored cream cheese for on his bagels but I never buy them.

Now I won't need too.

I happened to have a block of organic cream cheese in my fridge.  It was for the cheese cake I never get around to making.

And, I just made this killer yummy Strawberry Jam. Why not mix the two?

Add a dollop of jam (who measures anyway?) to a half block of cream cheese and mix it with a fork.

Let a sit for a bit and the flavors will meld nicely!

Smear on your favorite bagel.

The Lunch Lady

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