Monday, June 10, 2013

Simple Caprese Salad

We recently traveled to Colorado as a family.

A family of 6. Four boys. Three meals a day.

You do the math.

So, we eat in a lot.

I enjoy cooking and so does my hubby so we try to share the task.

The beautiful thing about Colorado, which was TOTALLY unexpected for me, is that even up in the high high mountains, they have an AMAZING variety of organic produce and greens. WAY more than the farmy state of PA where I reside.

I'm still a big boggled by it.

So, I found these amazing organic microgreens for NINETY-NINE cents!  They are 2 kinds. A mixture of alfafa, broccoli, and basil microgreens.

I thought, "Perfect!" Let's make caprese salad.

Gorgeous red tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, microgreens, fresh ground pepper, and a spritz of olive oil and vinegar.

Fresh, delicious, and my boys all love it.

I miss these mountains.

I miss those ingredients!

It's so simple to make beautiful food that's good and fresh.

Great for company!

The Lunch Lady

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