Monday, August 8, 2011

Canning Crushed Tomatoes

Yesterday, my foodie friend Sheila and I canned crushed tomatoes.  We had picked up a big box of tomatoes at a local farmers market and decided to preserve some of summer's goodness.

The Steps
1. Wash the tomatoes and cut out the ends. 
2. Cut the tomatoes in quarters
3. Blend them up in the food processor
4. Pour the mixture into glass canning jars (sterilized in the dishwasher or in boiling water for 10 minutes)
5. Wipe the top and outside rim very clean
6. Top each jar with a new sterilized canning lid (again, boil for 10 minutes)
7. Tighten the ring
8. Process in a water bath canner for 45 minutes (quarts)
9. Remove and allow to cool
10.  Make sauce, soup, salsa, gravy....I'm dreaming up all sorts of things to do with them during the winter months...

There are tons of websites "out there" on how to can.

It's fun to do with a friend.

Especially a foodie friend.
The Lunch Lady

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