Friday, August 5, 2011

Prep and Planning

It's that time of year again. I'm so happy we are homeschooling again this Fall.

We were teeter tottering about sending them elsewhere this Fall but once again, we feel led, directed, pushed... to homeschool the boys another year.  Some of my friends are able to confidently plan to school their kids through high school without really having to consider it year by year.  My husband was homeschooled himself and really sees the value of "day schooling" the boys for all or at least a portion of high school.  The jump from home to college is a giant one.  So, this is our plan.  It works for our family.  I'm the last person to say what works for us should work for someone else.  We are all unique and have different situations.  We, as a family, need to make this decision yearly.  So far, it's been for us to continue homeschooling.  

This Fall I'll have three middle schoolers.

Yes, I said three.

I'm thinking of changing the Academy part of our school name to Middle School or Junior High. Just for this year.  Of course, then poor Lukie wouldn't fit in being in 4th grade.  And next year I'll have a high schooler.  When did they get so old?

We have lots of fantastic learning planned for this school year.  I'm, once again, embarking into new territory, new curriculum, new plans.  I like variety.  I want to challenge them.

The European in me is giving them two languages this year.

They better put their big boy pants on.  It's going to be a lot more challenging then last year, in a good way.

I'm excited because our History program also covers Geography.  Those binders are just Geography binders.  This should be good!  (A big shout out to Oma for having too much fun at Staples!)

I love this prepping and planning phase.  Picking out all sorts of neat things to learn about is fun.  I know what makes my children "tick" and how they like to learn.  I love that I know what learning styles work best for them (and me.)

I love how they begged me to homeschool them again this year.

I'll have to remind them of that in a month.
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