Thursday, August 25, 2011

Canned Nectarines with Organic Syrup

I stopped at my local fruit farm a few days ago to pick up some peaches.  I had a date with my husband's cousin.  I have to borrow his family since my cousins live in another country.  He doesn't mind sharing.


So I drove to the fruit farm, walked in, and  saw these beauties. Baskets and baskets full of nectarines.

I can't resist baskets and baskets full of nectarines.  They were calling my name. They were like sirens, luring me.  Now I've never canned nectarines before but did a quick Google check on my phone (Technology meets Fruit farm owned by Mennonites) and found that all you do is wash them and slice them right into the jar, skins and all!  That's my kind of canning!

I snapped this pic on the way home.  I love the gorgeous sunsets in Amish Country.

Back to canning...
When you can fruit, you have to use some kind of liquid. Typically, it's a syrup made with sugar.  But I don't eat much sugar.  I try not to eat much sugar. Happily one can also use fruit juice.  I grabbed three organic 100% apple juice bottles and decided to spice them up a bit.  I've made spiced canned peaches before so I thought I'd try it on the nectarines.

The syrup should be hot before its poured over the fruit in the jar.  Just dump a bottle of juice in a pot and heat till almost boiling.  Add a couple of dashes of organic cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.  To make it a bit easier to pour into the jar, pour the syrup into a pitcher.  The scents are amazing! Heavenly really.

It's like "Autumn in a jar."

The jars are processed for 30 minutes in the hot water bath.

The colors are amazing.

Canning is SO much better with a friend.  It's girl bonding time.  It's catching up.  It's learning. It's sharing.  It's a beautiful thing.

Especially when they do the dishes.
(Come back anytime Mick)
The Lunch Lady

*Note: We also canned peaches and crushed tomatoes.  Productive only describes us mildly.


Ott, A. said...

Those jars are beautiful and I love the color of them. Thanks a Latte' for linking up to the Canning Week Blog Party. I am so glad you did so I could find your blog and become your newest follower. Looking forward to future posts from you!

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