Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Busy December Days

We've been wonderfully busy with all good kinds of things.

Making clay creations.

Baking clay creations.

A trip to IKEA.

Baking with our new cookie cutters. (Post to follow)

Stews and soups.

And salad.  Always salad.

There have been trips to NJ for surprise retirement parties for my dad.

Trips to NJ for surprise birthday parties for my mom-in-law.

Nursing work.

Catering work.

Holiday parties.

And shopping.  Did I mention shopping? Food, presents, food, presents, food.  You get the idea.

The great part is that all the presents are actually wrapped and under the tree and it's killing the boys.

The anticipation.  The Great Countdown till Christmas.

And now we are hoping for snow, sledding, and snowmen making.  And instead we have thunderstorms and torrential rain.  But we had snow at Halloween; beautiful 14 inches of white fluffy power outage kind of snow.

One can hope can't one?

The Lunch Lady

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