Monday, December 26, 2011

Second Christmas Day

I like to draw on my Dutch heritage now and again, when it's convenient.  In Holland, they celebrate 2nd Christmas Day.  Here, I believe, it's Boxing Day.

I like any excuse that involves hanging out with my extended family, especially when it involves food and exchanging gifts.  Especially when it involves hanging with my husband's younger brother (only) and his family.

And Jo Jo.  The Nerf gun wielding 2 year old, shooting his gun with abandon and watching the soft foam bullets bounce back on his forehead.  Simple pleasures.

I love seeing how other people decorate for the Holidays.

So inspiring.

(Yes, I brought my camera along.  Is it bad that I really like that I don't have to get up from the couch and abandon my hot coffee, to take pictures from things over 10 feet away, SO up close?)

Jo Jo has taken a particular liking to this big cousin.

What a lovely afternoon filled with food, conversations, lots of playing....

and putting fire stations together.

Anything for this little man.

Treasure your family,
The Lunch Lady

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