Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ornaments: Joy and Peace

Our tree is full of all kinds of ornaments that we have collected, made, and been gifted throughout the years.

These decoupaged balls are one my favorites and they've lasted through the years since they can't break.

Silk flowers are a beautiful way to fill up the empty deep spaces in the tree.

 A few years ago, Lance and I made a bunch of ornaments ourselves.

We just printed "joy" in different fonts on a piece of cardstock and glued them onto different pieces of fabric.

This one came from Target this year.

I made this one from scrapbooking stuff.  I love how each letter looks like an ornament.

A button, a bead, a few letters on cardstock, tied with some jute twine.

Simple, free, creative.

I just shop the drawers in our craft room for odds and ends.

These are my favorite ornaments, my angel ladies.  They are made from shells and odds and ends; ribbons, buttons, silk flowers, leaves, raffia, old cloth....

Each one is unique. I posted this on my old blog.

What are your favorite ornaments?

Joy and Peace to you,
The Lunch Lady

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