Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nephews and Nieces

So my trip to North Carolina to see family was very very sweet.

It was filled with lots and lots of little ones...

 and not so little ones...

I especially loved seeing my oldest get reacquainted with his cousin closest in age.

There's something really special about friendships with your family.

We did a family photo shoot with 26 of us.  It's why the kids are all matchy matchy in this picture.

We really are one big happy family.

That's real blessing from God.

What a gift.

This is my one sister's 2nd youngest. She's 3.  They call her trouble.

She is super intense, gets into everything, but is also super sweet.  And she loves to play with my hair. In my book that's right up there with back scratches and coffee.

I love love love this picture. It captures her enthusiasm and happy heart.

This is the 4 year old.

Did I mention my one sister has nine kids?

Happiness is running around after you've been forced to stand still and smile for an hour.

I love the setting sun.

I love my Iphone camera.

Happiness is definitely my one year old niece.  Tiny teeth, baby curls, and sweet expressions.

I'm not done yet....
The Lunch Lady

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