Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I'm sitting here at my computer on a hot summer afternoon procrastinating. 

I'm watching my 3 youngest boys outside dressed like thugs.  Yep, thugs.  They are on a filming kick again.

Don't ask.

I'm reflecting on a nice weekend filled with family and friends.

Our weekend started Saturday morning with a hot baseball game.  L3 is on the All-Stars team.

I got a start on my summer tan. Finally.

They won.

Raw veggie lunch salad made with all locally grown veggies. Yellow and green squash, cucumbers, and the sweetest little orange tomatoes.

Patriotic fruit salad.

Apples, Jersey blueberries, and wild raspberries from our property.

I made a trip to the local farm market Saturday evening. I'm loving the colors.

Sunday afternoon we roasted marshmallows in our fire pit.

It was hot.

Yes, we eat marshmallows. Sometimes.

We bought a small pack of fireworks to set off at home.

L4 was giddy all day in anticipation.

Getting ready to set up the fireworks.

L3 and L4 have decided they want to be Boy Scouts.  More on this story to follow.

Fireworks, in all their small glory.

The boys made me make this on Monday morning.

I found a recipe for Skillet Cobbler and left it on the counter.

L1 helped.

Recipe to follow.

It was outstanding.

We ate the entire thing in one sitting.

Patriotic Cauliflower Salad. 

This was really good too.  I like it when I make things that I enjoy. Really enjoy.

Recipe to follow.

I was commissioned by the Sis-in-Law to bring salad to her picnic gathering Monday afternoon.

This was Salad #1.

I also brought these Blueberry Oat Bars.  They were more like Streusel! But today, today they are really good after being refridgerated overnight.

Salad #2.

On the menu, SIL had Grilled Chicken & Veggie Kabobs.

She sent me home with leftovers.

I'm counting the minutes till dinner.

There was no lack of adorable little people at the picnic.


My nephew Jo-Jo.

He kills me.

That look!

There was a whole lot of testosterone in the pool. 

17 males to 5 females.

We chicks decided to stay dry.

SIL and her oldest, Stefan.

I heart Instagram.

More fireworks.

A whole lotta noise and light.

My thoughts exactly Jo-Jo!

The Lunch Lady

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