Friday, July 8, 2011

Simple Salads and Berry Stands

I'm a HUGE salad fan. Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner.

I try to eat as much raw food as possible, especially when local produce is so plentiful and beautiful in the summer. And cheap.

I love the beautiful colors. 

So we opened a Berry Stand. It's our short term family business.

I have SO many berries. The bushes are bursting.  In the past 5 years that we have lived here, I would pick every 2 days.  This year I have to pick every day.

I thought we might as well capitalize on our over abundance.

My younger two boys jumped at the chance to "man" the stand.  I just was thinking of putting up some signs and leaving the cooler at the top of the driveway for folks to help themselves.  L3 and L4 were so excited to help that they take one of the signs and hold it up every time someone drives by. 

Now you need the back story.  There's always a back story.

We live on a mountain on the edge of the countryside.  That means there's not a lot of traffic on our street.

But those boys are determined.

They sold 3 quarts yesterday.  They were outside for hours before dinner in the hot sun and went right back to it after dinner.

Little Businessmen. 

It's much more lucrative than a glass of Lemonade.
The Lunch Lady