Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm ba..ack!

Skiing was great despite the boys taking turns being sick.

We did a lot of reading

Building with these awesome blocks

and eating...

Did I mention that we brought along 4 coolers of food to feed us for a week?

 That's alotta food folks.

We rented a trailer for all of our food and ski gear.

I had a working menu planned out weeks ahead of our trip of favorite easy dishes.

Recipe to follow.

We got in 4 days of skiing. My thighs were protesting, in a good way.

Clearly, they do not like being regularly unused.

We skied in snow



and ice

L3 and L4 all bundled up

L1, ME, and L2

We happily ended our days by the fire.

P.S.  All the outdoor pictures were taken with an IPhone. (I'm pleasantly amazed with the quality!)
P.P.S. I only took the picture of the pasta. So happy my family likes to use my camera.

Back to reality,
The Lunch Lady

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