Sunday, March 27, 2011


Why do I blog?

An essay by The Lunch Lady.

Pardon me. The New Lunch Lady.  I've been forced to change my name since the owners of weren't interested in giving it up. Sigh. 

I kind of like it though.  I'm not your classic lunch lady.  I don't wear hair nets and really try hard not to slop food onto my children's plates.  Sometimes they think I do.

It's for their own good.

I blog for several reasons.

1. I like to share my opinions. No really, I guess I like to share what I have learned.  I think that health is such a journey and we are all on a different part of the path.  Some people just don't care about it and I think they will eventually feel the effects of their choice. 

I think a lot about cancer and illnesses.  I feel like every week I hear of another person diagnosed.  There are so many factors that cause cancer but one of them is definately related to bad nutrition.  Many factors are very difficult to control. Obviously genetics and environmental causes are nearly impossible to change, but I think having a healthy gut, healthy blood, and good digestion with whole organic foods not tainted with chemicals and antibiotics is factor that we can control. 

It's all about choices that we make for ourselves.  Choices that we make for our children.  I really feel the need to train my kids to make good eating choices while they are young and educate them why and how.

They already enjoy many vegetables and have gotten used to eating less sugar and more homemade foods. They are not complaining (too much anymore.)  It's a big commitment. It's a discipline.  It has to be important enough to you to stick with it. 

It's life changing when you eat well.  I'm amazed that my headaches have all but disappeared.  I used to have headaches every other day and popped ibuprofen way too often just to function.  Overall, I have more energy, especially when I sleep enough.  And the weight loss, it's fantastic!  I feel lighter and like my body so much more.  I've lost 18 20 pounds since January.  I haven't starved myself. It's just about how I combine my foods and cutting out processed food.

2. Another reason that I blog is to inspire.  I am so incredibly motivated by other people's food and decorating blogs, looking at magazines, online recipe sites, and watching cooking shows.  Blogs are like online magazines.  I think it's a fantastic way to share new ideas. And it's free. Free is me.

Even if you totally know how to make something that I post, and you know know how to make and photograph it better, a blog post can inspire and motivate you to make a dish you haven't made in a while or change it up somehow.

3. I like to blog so that my far away family can see my children as they grow. 

4. I like to think of my blog as a way to document stuff. It's like a diary of my life

You're still reading this?

That's why.
The Lunch Lady

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