Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Green: 3 Ingredient Raw Zucchini Salad

This is the easiest little salad to make and it's SO good.

I slurp it up when I remember to make it.

This would be a great summer post when everyone is swimming in zucchini.

So. Bookmark it or something.

You need zucchini, finely sliced.

Some red onion, extremely finely diced, minced. Tiny.

And yummy salad Dressing. Make your own will ya?

And Salt and Pepper if you want to get technical, then it's 5 ingredients.

I use a Mandolin to thinly slice my zucchs.

You can use a nice sharp knife if you don't have one. It's okay.

You could also dice the zucchini up into small cubes. Lots of options.

Don't limit yourself to green squash. You can use summer (yellow) squash with it too.

Or you could add small diced raw bell pepper, diced English cucumber, diced carrots.

The possibilities are endless!

This would make a nice little appetizer served in a small glass.

I'm trying to eat more raw vegetables and this is a really tasty way to consume them.

When I eat my lunch or evening meal, I always eat my raw foods first, then the cooked.  It's all about food combining.  It's much easier to digest.  Did I tell you I lost 15 pounds since the beginning of January?
It feels awesome! Now I just need to exercise. Eating is SO much easier. Sigh.

Happy Healthy Crunching,
The Lunch Lady

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