Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Solution to My "Many Glasses" problem

I have this problem at my house. 

I mean, "We" have this problem at my house.

It's called "getting a new glass every time we have a drink."  It might be a syndrome. I'm not sure.

But it's a problem with a cure!  I found a cure. I'm so excited.  I like cures to problems.

Sometimes I look at my living space and it looks like a scene from "Signs" where there are all of these half empty water glasses all around the room.  And then I shudder and think of unseen aliens.

But I found a cure. Oh. I said that already.

It's these wonderful things.

No more excuses. No more wasting water.

I can figure out the culprit by their artwork.

It's fun and creative. I'm all about fun and creative. 

It's why I homeschool.

It's art on a glass.

Big guess whose glass this is?

The pack costs less than $5

Happy Sunny mornings.

And if that's not clear, I'm not sure what is.

So Relieved,
The Lunch Lady

Crayola doesn't know who I am.


karen247 said...

Wonderful!! Thinking "outside the box"! Ok a bad crayon pun couldn't help myself... Every small step we take helps. If nothing else creating awareness and habits of mind- as we try to do this in fun creative ways without brow beating and brain washing we are helping to guide our children's practices in a healthy direction. I am so excited I discovered your blog today...

The Lunch Lady said...

Thanks Karen! That was very punny!