Friday, February 4, 2011

Sequential Eating...give it some thought

As I started to research Food Combining I also stumbled across SEQUENTIAL EATING.  It's a fascinating concept worth digging into a bit. Dr. Bass is an oldie but a goodie.

Even if you have never bought an organic thing or even didn't eat wholegrains, this method of eating could really be beneficial to your digestion.  I would even go as far as to say, just try it for one meal a day and see if it helps.

The number 1, numero uno, the very first step I would suggest you take is to only eat fruit on an empty stomach. Now when do you really actually only have an empty stomach? In the Morning!  Oh, and I do know all of the excuses of why not to eat fruit in the morning. For me it was "it gives me a sugar rush" and "I don't feel like cutting up fruit when I just get up" but really if you don't eat it in the morning then don't bother at all!! This is the best time to eat it.

Fruit moves through the stomach and into the colon in about 20-30 minutes, the quickest digestion of any food "group."  Think about it. If you eat a bagel that takes about 50 minutes to digest, and THEN eat a bowl of fruit, all that fruit just sits behind the bagel trying to digest, getting all fermented, and you G.A.S!  Try switching the order and see how you feel!

Skip packing the fruit in your lunch and eat it ALL for breakfast! Your body will use the nutrients much better, will digest it easier, and you will be healthier!

If you want to get really nit picky (like me!) there are also some helpful rules about fruit combining. I found some great charts here and here.

Remember, don't overwhelm yourself (like I do) but take baby steps to better health. As my sister so aptly put it in her journal years ago, it's a "Journey to Health."

The Fruitarian for Breakfast,
The Lunch Lady


My Times In His Hands said...

The link to the chart with the pictures was helpful. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for inviting me over to check out Sequential Eating. I've already made most all the choices you're making, just not "ordering" them. We eat organic whenever possible (yes, I realize we probably should eat more "seasonally" but oh, how I'd miss my blueberries), trade most whites for browns, etc... I personally stay away from refined sugar, but I don't require it of my children.

Anyway, I'll check out sequential eating for the digestion process. I take Nexium because of "acid reflux" and I wonder if sequential eating would help.