Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm SO dreaming

Pools and blue water and warm air sounds really good right now as it's freezing raining outside (again) and I don't think we will see the grass till the end of March.

L1 (all the boys have "L" names, so in numerical order and age order) does NOT like to have his picture taken. He's decided that I can't post new pictures of him till I have 1,000 blog Followers so I plan to use all the pictures that I DO have of him till then. Help me out folks, spread the word! Otherwise we'll be looking at his extended hand and the back of his head forever!

I like the black & white profile and the water drops on in face. Water, pool, warmer weather...

L3 and L4 hanging out.

Those lazy hazy days of summer seem so far away. There's nothing like a "pick-up" game of soccer.

L2  tubing

Of course, I do remember the conversation going something like, "I can't wait till we can go sledding again."

Here's hoping for an early Spring,
The Lunch Lady

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