Tuesday, February 15, 2011

At last! Rolling Sushi

At last. The post about rolling the sushi. I'm sure you are SO excited right?

*Update: See previous posts on Do-able Sushi and making Brown Sushi Rice

Now we gather all the necessary ingredients: The sushinori sheets,

The bamboo mat, which I like to slide into a ziploc bag.

The fillings: Whatever floats your boat. I have raw zuchhini, english cuke, and carrots.

The sticky rice. For directions, see here.

 Remove nori sheet from package. Fold in half and break. Place shiny side down.

Wet your fingers with water (I also wear food-grade gloves, I CAN"T STAND feeling wet sticky rice on my fingers!) and scoop rice on to the nori sheet as shown.

For this particular roll, we take the "riced" nori sheet and flip it over.  Then we squirt or spoon a line of spicy mayo down the center. (spicy mayo is just mayo and cayenne pepper to taste)

Next, place the jullienned vegetables or whatever filling you have, down the center.

Start rolling!

Don't worry, you will "feel" how to do it.  Just keep rolling and adjusting. Don't squeeze or the rice will mush.

A beautiful brown rice roll!

Now you need a nice sharp knife. Wet the knife and cut the roll into 6 or so pieces. You may have to wet the knife between each cut.


Serve with soy sauce or Tamari and WASABI!

There's just something really awesome when your husband tells you it's the best thing you've ever made.

Bon Appetit!
The Lunch Lady

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Durham Delights said...

This looks super easy. My husband LOVES sushi and it would be a great surprise for him if I actually made it! :) Thanks for this post!