Friday, February 4, 2011

Insanely good Green Beans

Incidentally, if I ever open a CAFE, I'm going to name it "Green Beanz" and serve coffee and food that's "green."

Since we are eating about twice as many vegetables per day, I kind of have to rethink presentation and flavors a bit.  You just have to keep things interesting when you are feeding 4 growing boys and a very hungry husband every day.

Last night I steamed a pound(ish) of green beans till just fork tender. As they were almost finished steaming, I put a small pat of butter in a saute pan on medium heat and threw in a finely chopped shallot or two. I say, or two, because when you start peeling a shallot, there's always a buddy attached right? So does that make it one or two? Anyway, saute till soft.

Put the steamed green beans in a bowl and pour the shallot GOODNESS all over it. Sprinkle with a bit of SEA SALT and you've got yourself a delicious healthy vegetable that kids will actually like! Start slow, my kids always ate green beans with their fingers, like fries, when they were younger.  They all loved this one!

Cheating tip: Either buy the already washed and nipped green beans in a bag or use frozen green beans (buy organic, if possible.)
No excuses, it saves time and money to buy it without all the other "stuff" in it.

to a healthier new you and yours,
The Lunch Lady

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