Sunday, February 20, 2011

Easy Lunch

I love salad.

The crunchier the better.

Did I mention that my boys love salad?

The crunchier the better.

So, no baby romaine or spinach for them. They prefer the innards. The Romaine hearts.

Chop chop chop.

And yummy crunchy veggies.

Colorful peppers. English cucumber  (Much better than the regular kind. Try them.) Raw Zucchini.

Baby carrots. Tomatoes.

I will sometimes mix up my lettuces, combining romaine hearts with baby romaine or spring mix.

I almost always, buy organic lettuces now. Since we aren't buying pre-packaged boxed food, I spend my money on better quality produce and meats.

Make extra the night before and pack a nice salad for lunch!

Tips: Pack your lunch before your hungry boys get at the salad bowl or there won't be any left! I've learned the hard way.

Don't forget to dress it up.

Peppercorn dressing recipe coming soon!

The Lunch Lady

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