Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Okay, I'm sweating...

Today marks the day I start rehearsals for Michigan's local FOX news channel 17. I'm supposed to skype in this afternoon to rehearse for their new show the One Seven.

Nervous doesn't begin to describe it.  If only my computer would cooperate! First, I have a computer with no webcam (you can actually HEAR it thinking) then I have a webcam without a microphone.  Long story short, I think I'm getting a new laptop since mine is from the Middle Ages. My last computer just died mid-sentence, literally.

On another note, I can't believe that I left out one of my MOST favorite things that I love out of my Valentine's Day post! COFFEE. It's my vice. I admit it. That and Hazelnut creamer. (and I STILL lost 10 pounds!)

I have a Senseo coffee maker that makes this delicious frothy foamy goodness on top. Can you see the heart?

I'm super excited about my afternoon despite my mis-behaving technological machines, the coffee helps.

I'm off to buy a new microphone battery (after I homeschool the boys, feed them lunch, do the mountain of laundry, vacuum under the table...)

I got the battery, it worked.  The boys vacuumed.  We had baked potatoes for lunch. I didn't do any laundry. Isn't that what tomorrow is for?  I downed a glass of wine (am I allowed to say that?) and did the skype call and SURVIVED! Let's see if they ask me back.  It was fun! (Thanks Michelle and Tim! I'll actually answer your questions next time! I promise!)

The Lunch Lady


Unknown said...

Hannah, you are going to do great !

Unknown said...

Hannah, the previous comment was from me, Donna, not Josiah, although I am sure he will think you are going to do great too !! Don't know why the computer put it under his account since I am on mine.