Sunday, February 13, 2011

The not so "Wittle any more" Kitties

We have several outside kitties at the moment, 6 to be exact. The mother is Precious. She had 2 boy kittens 1.5 years ago which we named Octavius and Jedidiah. Name the movie!

This past year she had 3 more kittens, 2 of which are pictured here. Meet brother and sister: Taz and Allie.

Allie is our pretty kitty. She's a calico like her mommy and also got the "dumb" gene. She likes to run up to moving vehicles. It's a problem.

But she's a pretty girl, so we forgive her.

It all started 4.5 years ago, when I brought home 4 tiny kitties, barely a week old from our local organic dairy farm. I nursed those kitties on a bottle for 5 weeks, getting up at night, keeping them warm. 

Over the years some have left, some had babies, some died, and some wandered away.

Precious was another orphan from the farm.  She's been with us the longest now, going on almost 3 years. She's also our dumbest cat.  We affectionately call her "Dumb Dumb." It can't be helped. It's very fitting.

Then there's "Taz" our Tazmanian Devil who is more skittish than anything else. He's also the cuddly kitty. He likes to snuggle up with his "older brothers" to keep warm when the temps drop.

There's something so beautiful about cats. They photgraph so well, especially when they are lazing on a bench in the warm afternoon winter sun.

And they aren't camera shy, like some "almost 13 year old" boys that I know.

I especially love how fuzzy they get in the winter months.

Our kitties get plenty of love and attention and we SO enjoy watching their antics from inside our warm house.

Except when they leave mouse heads at the front door.

I still LOVE Garfield,
The Lunch Lady

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Vickie said...

Love your pics & descriptions of your kitties. Makes me miss mine that was such a lovey kitty (he was sick and we had to put him to sleep a year ago). He was an inside kitty, but...kitties are very special...thank you for sharing yours!