Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dreamy Creamy Herb Dressing

Not to be confused with Peppercorn Dressing.  I know I said I would post the recipe for that one, but I haven't made it in a bit and I don't have any pictures. HORRORS! I can't post without a picture. Sorry.

This one is from the "Rat under my hat" a.k.a. my husband. 

He is a dressing master, king, guru. He seasons things to perfection. I'm so jealous. I humbly follow in his footsteps and copy what he does.

 My 8 year old (had the audacity to ask)ed me last night, "Did Daddy makes these mushrooms or did you?" 

See?  I have so much to learn.  And yet I blog. About food. Now you know my secret. I have a RAT. (You have to watch Ratatouille, the movie to understand my meaning.)

The base of this dressing is Mayo.  Now don't get me started on Mayo. Did you ever read the label on your bottle/jar of mayonnaise?  There is alotta not so good for ya stuff in there.  I have NO food stores near me that carry decent mayo so I have it imported via the mom-in-law (thanks mom!) or I buy it when I'm near a Trader Joe's.  Trader Joe's has two mayonnaises that I like and use. I prefer the organic one. I know that the Duke's brand is also a decent one.

No, I don't make my own mayo. Never have. Have you? Share the love.

Next up is milk. Just enough to thin the mayo. You can also use yogurt.

My Man (I will stop calling him my Rat, it sounds kind of weird, but funny) can't tolerate cow milk so he likes to substitute goat milk at times. Raw goat milk from a local Mennonite family farm. Fresh! 

Dijon Mustard. Again. Read the ingredients. I dare you. I double dog dare you.  Pick one with less extra stuff.  I use one from our local Redner's that's organic (and a steal!) 


Garlic Powder.


Black pepper.

Put all of the ingredients in a dish, bowl, cruet, whatever ya got.

Whisk it, shake it, mix it up.

Apply liberally to salad. Or use as a dip.

Dreamy Creamy Herb Dressing
In the man's own words...

"Lots of" 2 cups mayo
"a bit of " Milk (enough to make it runny)
2-3 Tablespoons Dijon Mustard
"lots of" Dill (I think that means 2 teaspoons)
"a few dashes" garlic powder
"a few pinches" dried basil
black pepper to taste

Shake it up baby. (Those are my words. Not his.)

You see we are very precise in our measurements, no?

The Lunch Lady

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Andrea said...

Sounds soooo good! BUt we can't have dairy OR mayo (eggs & soy). Sigh...
I do make a honey mustard that is full of *pinches* - lol! Otherwise we stick to anything I can throw into olive oil & apple cider vinegar. Wish we could do creamy dresings though - yum!