Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apple Pickin'

I love this season.

I love apples.

We live about 1 mile from an apple orchard so there is NO reason why we can't just hop on over there and pick a few now and then.

We finished up our school work before lunch and spent a whole whopping 30 minutes picking apples.

If we had stayed an hour, I woulda had too many.

The orchard provides the baskets and points you in the right direction.

We were on our own.

What a gorgeous day.  A high of 70, sunny, it doesn't get any better than that, and not lately. It's been super cloudy and rainy.


 All the really nice big apples were high up.

Scoping out the good ones.

It helps being tall and standing on tippy toes.

I even climbed a tree to get the good ones (Shh...don't tell. Gone are the days where they provide you with a ladder. Insurance companies, apparently, don't allow it.  They obviously haven't been apple picking.)

I did most of the picking.

But I'm sure glad I brought along Muscles, here.

Two baskets full sure weighs a lot.

The Lunch Lady

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