Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spinach, Mushroom, and Cheese Panini

Every day I hear, "Mom, what's for lunch?"  Now, being the Lunch Lady isn't always easy.

I get bored.

I get tired.

I like to say, "Make something yourself." After all, they are all old enough to slap something together.

Sometimes I can get away with giving them the idea and letting them run with it.  Sounds like effective parenting skills to me.  It makes me feel less lazy.

A little mayo, sliced extra sharp cheddar cheese...

A handful of organic baby spinach...

(I just love the big tubs of clean spinach)

A couple of sauteed mushrooms....

(okay, okay, I did cook these for them, but they could do it)

Place them on a well greased panini grill (or any pan with a heavy pan or wrapped brick)

2 at a time!




You want the cheese just till it's beginning to melt.

 And watch them swipe it up so fast!

Gone baby gone.

The Lunch Lady

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