Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spooky Food - Brown Rice Crispy Surprises

Okay.  It's not really spooky. But it's fun food to serve at a spooky party.

Since we are a whole grain kinda family, I decided to use brown rice crispies.  Brown is in brown rice, not cocoa. Nice try!

I like Erewhon brand rice cereal. It's a bit pricey but really yummy.  Since we cut out wheat, it's been a bit tougher find cereals for my guys. They eat Honey Rice Puffins, Trader Joe's Oh's, Cascadian Farms Fruity Cheerios, and Erewhon.  (Sometimes Gorilla Munch)

Rabbit trails. Where were we?

Ah yes.  I confess I used regular old Jet Puff Marshmallows. Can't beat them. So, we join them.

I used organic butter to melt those delicious puffs of nothingness. Does that count?

Probably not.

 Once you make the rice crispies, following the marshmallow package directions, grease up your hands with some cooking spray and roll the mixture into balls.

My trusty sidekick, aka Lukie (8), helped me with the surprise. He put an M&M inside each ball while I was rolling them.  Serious teamwork here folks.  It was his party after all.

We topped each one with a candy corn and placed the balls inside some spooky-ish paper wrappers.

Fun stuff.

I like to enjoy this time of year.
The Lunch Lady

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