Friday, October 28, 2011

Spooky Food - Jello Eyeballs

We aren't huge Halloween fans.  I mean, we dress up every year and go trick or treating, but we don't do the whole ghost and goblin thing.

So when Lukie (8) really really really wanted to have a party. I couldn't resist.

It was just for our family and he wanted to host it. 

I couldn't help but join in the fun with some spooky inspired treats. (There are more spooky food posts to come)

We also aren't big jello people.  I don't like all the sugar.  But I love gelatin.  I still had a box of plain gelatin in my cabinet.  Last year I remember making jello with juice.

I grabbed a bottle of 100% grape juice and went to work.

Just follow the directions on the box.


Put the grapes in before it sets.


Don't be like me.

Cut them up, jiggler's style.

Flip them over so the grape is trapped beneath the gelatinous goo...

Gross eyeballs.

Juicy Eyeballs.

Get it?

The Lunch Lady

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