Monday, October 3, 2011

How to Make Chicken Broth

I majorly scored last week at my local supermarket.  They had whole chickens on sale, the good kind of chicken (that's pasture fed, vegetarian fed, and antibiotic free).  Usually it's kinda pricey.  I grabbed two.

Then I popped them in the oven together, rubbed them with garlic, olive oil, and seasoning and roasted them till tender.  They lasted for 2 meals.

And then you stare at picked off carcass.  Pleasant thought I know.  But there is much goodness in those bones and skin.  Soaking it all in water at a low simmer for several hours draws out the goodness.

Start with a GIANT stock pot.

I got this one for Christmas a few years ago. I love it.

See? Chicken carcass.  Kinda gross.

Fill up the stock pot with water and chicken bones etc.. (Yup, the skin and all. No worries, we'll strain all of it!)

Bay leaves.

I highly recommend these for any soup or stock.

They just add that somethin' something.

4 or 6 will do.

Boil. Simmer. For hours and hours...really. The longer the better.

Then allow it to cool.

I actually stuck the whole pot (after it cooled a bit) in the fridge overnight.

Use the finest strainer that you have. You could use a dish cloth or cheese cloth if you don't have one.

Clear chicken broth.

 Quarts and quarts of chicken broth.

And quarts.

I save Egg Drop Soup containers from Chinese Take Out.  And yogurt containers.

I ran out of containers so I used a canning jar.

Beautiful stuff.

Cheap stuff.

Yummy stuff.

It's worth the little effort it takes.

Now go make thee some soup!
The Lunch Lady

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