Saturday, October 1, 2011

Easy Unsweetened Applesauce

It's apple season here which means more baking (if that's possible) and applesauce.

Definitely applesauce.

The only problem here is that it's consumed as quickly as a make it.  I have all intentions of freezing some, or canning it, but slurp slurp slurp by four ever seemingly increasingly hungry boys. And it's gone.

I have plans.

It involves more that one person helping me make such a tremendous amount of applesauce.

Start with clean, washed apples.

I don't use the skin with non-organic apples.

I slice them into quarters with my mini chef knife and then peel and core them with my super sharp paring knife.  It's imperative that you use good sharp knives.  I've made applesauce with a dull paring knife once.  It hurt my hand, it took forever, and it was frustrating.  I don't like frustrating kitchen work.

I buy my apples in bulk at my local fruit farm or orchard.  Most of the time they will offer "seconds" that are super cheap.  Since I don't have an apple tree in my backyard, it's the way to go for me.

Ideally, you want to mix the types of apples you use.

This time I only used Gala and they were so incredibly sweet!

Put the largest pot you own on medium heat and start putting chunks of apples in as you cut them up.

I like to put a bit of water in the bottom to start the softening process.

Keep adding apples.

I never use sugar in my applesauce.  It turns a healthy food into a not so good for you thing.

I'm a chunky applesauce kind of gal.  I like to chew.

Add a bit of cinnamon to the mix.


Happy Saucing!
The Lunch Lady

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