Friday, October 7, 2011

Free Greek Mythology Study

Greek Mythology is one of those things I actually remember learning in grade school.

It's also one of those things I want my boys to have a general knowledge of.

My older 2 have read this book together, have read all the Percy Jackson books, and watched the movies. Thank goodness for Percy Jackson, he made the Greek Myths come back in style.

I decided that this year, my younger two, ages 8 1/2 and 10, could do this as an independent study together.  I already had the book and all I needed to do was go online and print free coloring pages of the Myth gods.
(You could also get the book from your local library.)

What's better than a jar full of sharp colored pencils?

Well, I can think of a lot of things, but I do love school supplies.

This is a fantastic book by Usborne.  There is also a smaller version of it by the same publisher.

I'm sure there are other Greek Mythology books available in the library as well.

My boys are in fourth and fifth grade.

My younger one is more on a third grade reading level so I have him read the text out loud to his older brother (who helps him with the tougher words.)  It's all about killing 2 birds with one stone here at our home school.  They mix up their Art, Reading, History, all into one.

Great graphics.

Stimulates creativity.

I found a few maps of Greece.

(Add Geography)

Free online coloring pages - Athena

Free online Word Search

Punch some holes in the pages and pop them into a folder and voila! You have a Unit Study Book.

Where else can you get chopped off heads....

and guys that throw lightning bolts?

Greek Myths are exciting.

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