Thursday, September 15, 2011

Batteries and Wires

Lately, my boys have all been sucked into watching MacGyver.  Netflix now has ALL the seasons.  We've created several monsters here Mac.

I hear the theme song being hummed daily.

There is an intense, immense fascination with all things wires, batteries, electrical, and tape-able.

This came in one of our Science Kits. It being a Wednesday, we pulled out the new Electricity Kit.  It came with a book, magnifying lens, 3D glasses, some shiny paper, and this, sans the battery (which was quickly remedied by digging into our battery drawer for a D battery.) Yes, we have a drawer for batteries. I have boys, need you ask?

My youngest, 8 year old Bear, came running upstairs to me in the kitchen (the kid knows where to find me) all excited to show me how he can light up the little bulb.

It's like hot wiring Mom! Thanks Mac.

At least they haven't tried making a bomb. Yet.
The Lunch Lady

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