Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Me met up with The Cousins yesterday at Valley Forge National Historical Park to do a long awaited photo-shoot.  My husband's second cousin, Jenna, was our photographer. She's compiling a portfolio so this worked out great for both parties.  And she has a fantastic eye.

We had a lot of laughs have our pictures taken.

The back drop with breath taking, serene, and had a great vintage setting.

I had some fun taking the originals and using different filters on them with the pixl o matic app on my phone.

I was able to access the shutterfly pictures from my Iphone4. Saved them to my photo library, and used the app to change the filters. Saved them again, and then loaded them up to my Picasa web album using Picongo app.  Sounds complicated, but it works!

I can't use Photoshop for the life of me.

I love all the options.

Then poor Lukie bumped heads with Lance.

Yes. It appears that I am laughing at his expense.

 Jonah had fun with Lance. He decided to put grass on Lance's head during the middle of a picture.

He cracks himself up.

I love the old log cabins.

Great back drops.

I'm having a hard time figuring out which once I like the best.  There are so many great shots.

We have over 600 to sort through.

 Who needs guns when you have sticks?

Me and my sis-in-law, Linda.  I'm in my usual "taking pictures with my IPhone" pose.

Yo, I'm cool like that.
The Lunch Lady

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