Friday, September 30, 2011

On being prepared...

I'd like to type, "Don't Ask" but since I posted the pics, I'd better explain.

Yep, I think I need to explain why my boys are wearing gas masks.  And not just any gas masks, Israeli gas masks.  It all started in Cape Cod. We regularly like to visit the Army/Navy Surplus store in Hyannis.  We stay in Hyannis Port and the boys love to go to "town" to wander the stores.

The Army/Navy store is a highlight. It's stuffed to the rafters with all things military.  They all eye the Gillie suits, the netting, the knives, the grenades, patches, pins, and the gas masks.  At $25 bucks a pop, we weren't about to let them spend all their vacation spending money on them.

A month later, the gas masks still hadn't left their little minds.  This is the younger two we're talking about now.  Logan regularly thinks of them, mentions them, and decided to do a bit of research on ebay.

We found a deal.

A good deal. (2 for less than $25 including shipping)

They were new and sufficiently scary looking.

They even came with an extra filter!

I'm feeling really warm and fuzzy now that my youngest too are prepared for a gas attack.

The only problem is....

Ya can't drink yer tea with 'em on.

The Lunch Lady

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