Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Lure of Bulk Fruit

It calls to me.

Large baskets and boxes of fruit just need to be sauced, spiced, and stored.

I took Lance along to the Fruit Farm last evening, just as the sun was setting.

There's something SO incredibly peaceful and beautiful about Pennsylvania countryside sunsets.

The earth just steams at the end of the day and the sun's ray give off such beautiful deep colors.

These beauties are going to become canned spiced pears. I poach them in organic apple juice, cinnamon, and a touch of red wine.  In Holland, they make something called "Gestoofde Peertjes."  I grew up just LOVING them.

It's time I expose my guys to some culture.

And at $6.95 for the box full, it's a steal.

The Lunch Lady

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