Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Storing up for Winter...Pesto

The farm stand down the street from me sells really great leafy greens.

I just picked up a bag of arugula.  I'm not a huge arugula fan in salad but I love love love it in pesto.

I also recently went to my local fruit farm to get peaches and nectarines for canning.  They also sell herbs for 60 cents a bunch.  A bunch is A BUNCH!

Two huge bowl fulls were 3 bunches total.  So for $3.60 I had alotta basil.

It was begging to become pestofied.

Everything needed a good washing (or three) so I used my OXO salad spinnner.  I love that thing.

It made a ton of pesto so I put it in these cute containers and popped them in the freezer.

Now I can have a taste of summer, mid winter.

The Lunch Lady

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