Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vacation Food

We stay at a beautiful beach house when we visit the Cape.  It's old school Cape Cod.

Right around the corner from the Kennedy Compound.

No microwave, no marble counters. Just fresh crisp sea breezes, white furniture, and a lot of cooking.

We did eat dinner out one night. Great clam chowder!  But the rest of the cooking we all did together.

Hubby requested French Onion Soup one day.

I spend a lazy morning on the beach and came home to this wonderful healthy lunch.

Herb roasted baby potatoes, onions with organic baby kale, mushrooms, and zucchini & summer squash.

Yum.  I. Love. My. Husband.

Fruit salad for 6 boys.

The house has the best cute dishes.

There's just something fantastic and special about dinner shared together around the table.

I guess I seemed stressed?

It worked. It was good.

But I'm home now.  I think I need another bottle.
The Lunch Lady

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