Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting Dirty for Learning Sake

Our current 5 week session at our homeschool co-op is on Extreme Weather.  Each week we cover a different type of Extreme Weather.  First was tornadoes and last week, we studied the topic of Flooding.  Now, this is a topic close to all of our hearts around here lately.

Miss Angie gave a fantastic overview of what Flooding is all about complete with videos during our first class of the day. After lunch, she brought the kids out for a hands on experience.

The parking lot had 3 different piles of stone.

Large gravel, brown dirt filled stone, and finer gray stone.  (I obviously don't know my "stones")

They differences were perfect for testing out ground saturation and flooding principles.

The kids were encouraged to hypothesize on what the water would do.

They each had a figure  that they could place in the stones.

Everyone could participate.

The boys loved to dig the trenches.

It was a great practical way to understand the effects of water on the Earth.

Yay for co-op!
The Lunch Lady

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