Monday, September 26, 2011

Homemade Spelt Croutons

No more picking croutons out of salads.

Hubby doesn't eat wheat. But he eats a lot of salad.

Inevitably, the American salad usually has some form of crouton in them at restaurants.

He always has to pick them out.

I had a bunch of spelt bread in the fridge (from Trader Joe's) that was getting a bit old.

I decided to pop them in the toaster, let them cool and dry a bit, and then cut them up into small cubes.

I had just sauteed some veggies in my cast iron skillet.  I added a coating of olive oil and tossed the cubes a bit with some garlic powder.

This was lunch yesterday.

Organic brown rice spaghetti with leftover veggies, topped with croutons.

Crunchy wheat free goodness.

The Lunch Lady

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