Friday, April 15, 2011


Here are several examples of different appetizers I've made in the past.

I HEART appetizers.

Personal Veggie & Dip

A variety of raw vegetables

In a cup with Organic Peppercorn Dip at the bottom.

Tri-color wraps

These are small enough to pop into your mouth.

No forks required!

These can be rolled with anything. 
Shown here are roastbeef and turkey ham with a thin layer of flavored cream cheese.

Caprese on a stick

English cucumbers with hummus or organic cream cheese spread.

Mini tacos

Cheese and cracker platter

I have a menu available with prices.  I am currently revamping it and will post it when it's done.

Sorry, I only deliver locally. Can't FedEx fresh food!
The Lunch Lady

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