Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vegetable Pasta

Really, first I had Use Up Your Veggies Pasta as my title, but that seemed a bit long and confusing.

This pasta could go in any direction really. Lunch, Dinner, snack, with meat, without.  SO versatile.

This was my lunch on Monday.  I only eat carbs and veggies for lunch.

I used brown rice pasta, but any pasta will do.  Try to use whole grains if you dare.

As usual, I opened my vegetable drawer in my fridge to see what I had available.  Carrots are a staple. Onions. Some baby spinach.  I had some leftover green beans, frozen peas, and a couple of Roma tomatoes.


I started chopping.

Onions and carrots and tomatoes.  The rest was already cooked or frozen.

Nice and easy.

I heated up a pan on my stove and poured in a tiny bit of grapeseed oil and a pat of butter.

I sauteed the onions and carrots first since they take the longest.

Then I added the frozen peas, already cooked beans, and the chopped (oh sorry, got a bit distracted there, an ant just scurried across my keyboard and I had to smash it.  I'm losing the ant battle this year. Not good.) tomatoes.

I seasoned the vegetables with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and some crushed italian seasoning.

Meanwhile, I cooked my pasta.

Once I drained and rinsed the pasta, I plated it and spooned the sauteed vegetables over it.  I added the baby spinach on top so it stayed fresh, just wilting slightly from the heat.  Raw spinach has a lot more nutrients than cooked so I try to eat it raw.

This is an quick and easy under 15 minute pasta dish.  I don't like to spend a lot of time cooking at lunch.

You could use any vegetables that you may have. Try a variety of colors.

Easy pleasy,
The Lunch Lady

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