Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Pineapple is in season somewhere because it's really affordable all of the sudden!

Last week I bought 3 pineapples!

We've been eating fruit first thing every morning, and it's usually a fruit salad of some sort.  My boys are so spoiled.  I made them eat a lonely banana the other morning all by it's lonesome self. Gasp!

Pineapples are so delicious.

Everyone is our house likes them.

And Mama is happy when everybody likes the same thing.

It's funny, I never liked pineapples as a kid.  I didn't start liking them till I was in my late 20s.  My pregnancy with my 2nd child, who also happens to be my foodie child, changed my palate tremendously.  I started liking seafood, melon, and pineapple during my pregnancy.  Weird stuff.  Good stuff.

I like to remind my boys that they will eventually like stuff they may not like today.  To keep an open mind.  I remember learning that our taste buds change every 7 years while I was in Nursing school.  Those weird kind of details stick with me.  Strange, I know. I googled it and can't really find a lot of data to back that up, but apparently, are taste bud's preferences do change.

I like to think they mature.  Something has to.

How to pick out a good one?

Look for uniform eyes.

Nice color.  Not too yellow.

Make sure that the green leaves aren't too small.  They should be a decent length.

Also check the bottom of the pineapple for mold.

And smell them.  They should smell good.

 I have this problem of smelling my food.  Just ask my husband. It's rather embarrassing.  When I get served a plate of food at a restaurant I first take a really good whiff of it.  And then I look over at my husband and he's smirking.  I just smile and chalk it up to having a perfumer for a father.  My whole childhood involved fragrances.  I have wonderful memories of being called down to my dad's basement office to sniff samples of fragrances.  I always thought it was great that my father would want my opinion on stuff he had made.  It formed my life and who I am today.  My sense of smell is honed.  Of course, it's sometimes a really big problem when you live with five males. Snark. Snark.  Thanks Dad.

Did ya know that pineapples contain over 100% of your total manganese intake?

Me either. Or is it me neither?

Grammar. Sigh.

What is manganese?  It's an enzyme activator that functions as a catalyst in the synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol, and facilitates protein and carbohydrate metabolism, it also promotes bone formation.

Sounds pretty useful.

Pineapples also have lots of other good stuff like Vitamin C and B1 and B6, copper, and fiber.  And like barely any calories man. 

Guilt Free!

I'm also following my blood type diet among other things.  Pineapples are very beneficial for Type B blood types like my hubby.  So we eat them a lot. At least once or twice a week.

Get em while they're good.

The Lunch Lady

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