Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh What to Make for Easter?

We don't do the traditional Easter Ham or Turkey or Pork Roast or...

I'm very non-traditional when it comes to Easter.  We have our own tradition. 

We eat Brunch for Easter even though it's after Lunch by the time we get home from church.  I've always loved Brunch food.  Everyone loves Brunch food.  I was thinking about how I was going to serve food to a crowd this Easter since we recently changed our diet & way of eating.  How do I incorporate that into our traditions?  The only thing I'll probably not serve is protein like eggs or meat unless someone wants to bring them. (I'm cool with that.)

But veggies? Potatoes? Pasta? Coffee Cake?  I can do all of those things!

So here we go:
In NO particular order because we are going to pile it all on our plates anyway!

Roasted Asparagus (Recipe here)

Raspberry Peach Coffee cake
(I just switched out the apples and used raspberries and peaches. Recipe here.)

SALAD. We love salad.

I grew up calling these "Potatoes Anna."
 I'm not sure why they were named thus but they are yummy!
They are super easy to make. (Post coming. Relax, you have time!)

Maybe I'll serve some veggies and pasta too.
We had this for lunch today. Quick and easy.
 (Post coming too. Really. Relax!)

It's gonna be a CARB Fest, I mean, Feast.
All good wholegrain, organic carbs with fresh veggies.
Okay, I'm getting hungry.

And we'll have an egg hunt. That's our tradition too.  This year we will have lots of boys and a girl or two thrown in the mix like last year.   I know my favorite part will be seeing my young nephew trying to find his eggs. Last year we gave him his own set since he is significantly younger than the other 6 boys in the family (although he doesn't think he is.)

I'm gonna bet he won't be eating the eggs this years.

He's a whole year older now.

What do you do for Easter?
The Lunch Lady


Unknown said...

so for the coffee cake, did you use fresh peaches & raspberries? I have frozn tj's raspberries...

Unknown said...

sorry that above comment was jenn grasso- i'm signed in at work :)

The Lunch Lady said...

Arthur, I mean, Jenn! I used frozen raspberries from my yard from last summer! I found a bag in my basement freezer! You can use fresh or frozen anything! If you use a larger frozen fruit, you should probably defrost it a bit and chop it up. I sprinkled the raspberries over the top before baking instead of stirring them in like the peaches. You can use any fruit like apples too!